Sosa's Painting & Remodeling

Working hard to build your trust.

Sosa's Painting & Remodeling

Working hard to build your trust.

Residential Interior Painting

Indoor (Painting & Textures): Not only can we paint your home the color you want, we can give those inside walls the texture you want.  As far as texture and color goes, you let us know what you like and we will make it happen. Get in touch with us so we can show you some ideas!

Residential Exterior Painting

Outdoors: So that Texas sun has made your home’s exterior paint fade. Or, maybe you just want your home to be a new color. We can help. We have  years of experience painting homes–large and small. If you need the outside of your home repainted, we can do it! 

Commercial Offices Painting

Offices: We have vast experience painting offices, inside & out. We understand that, as a business, you must make a good impression on your customer. However, we also understand that you need to keep costs low. We offer the highest quality painting for reasonable prices.

Commercial Construction Painting

Construction: Although we never shy away from a small job, we handle large projects as well. We have experience as the painter subcontractor for large residential projects (painting dozens of homes in a single project), and we have experience with painting large commercial construction, such as restaurants and hospitals.


Remodeling: Does your remodeling require more than just new paint?   We can do most things that residential or commercial remodeling usually entails. We have posted some pictures as examples of our work. Give us a call, we’d love to help!

Other Services

Other Services: We offer other painting-related services, other than those listed above. For example, we offer graffitti removal services. Also, we can “stain” a stone walkway to bring out the color of the stones and add shine to them. If you have any questions about whether we can do a job or not, please contact us. I bet we can help!

Sosa's Painting Headquarters

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Sosa's Painting is a long-standing family-owned business specializing in painting and remodeling just about anything: indoor, outdoor, residential, commercial, and everything in between. We are located in Amarillo, TX, and serve the Texas Panhande and the nearby communities.  


If you want excellent results for reasonable prices. We accept all credit cards.